5cc Volume Spacer
(Fox 36 Purple Token)
*Out of Stock


Out of stock


This Feral 5cc Volume spacer fits FOX 36 FLOAT NA 2 Forks (36 Rhythm and Bomber Z1) that use the PURPLE TOKEN / Part Number: 234-44-079.

OEM volume spacers are 10cc each and stackable up to a limit. 1 token = 10cc of volume reduction, 2 tokens = 20cc, 3 tokens = 30cc and so on until you reach the max allowed by your fork.  You can only jump up or down by 10cc and sometimes that’s too big of a leap.  That’s when our 5cc volume spacers really shine as they help you fine tune the performance of your fork using a smaller increment.


Feral 5cc volume spacers are specifically designed to be used as the “One and Only” token or as the “Very Last” token.

When adding to a stack make sure you do not exceed the “maximum number” of tokens allowed by your particular fork. If your fork runs a max of 5 tokens and you are using all 5 now, then you must first remove at least one existing token before adding your Feral 5cc to the end of the stack. In this case, you’ll still have 5 tokens total but volume reduction will be dropping from 50cc down to 45cc.


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(Fox 36 Purple Token)
*Out of Stock”

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